Development of different electronic devices from simpleprinted circuit boards to complex
electronic devices
Design development of metal products
Prototyping of the manufactured products and the launch of series production
Services for the organization of import-export operations

"Impex Technology" offers a wide range of products and services

  1. Development and production of electronic devices. Running electronic devices into production with a full cycle – designing and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, wiring of components, assembling of finished products, programming devices.

  2. Implementation support of its own products, consulting in the field of electronics and software.

  3. Design and manufacture of metal and plastic parts, fasteners, housings for different devices.

  4. Development and production of packaging materials (cardboard, plastic) with the application information.

  5. Provision of consultancy services for export and import operations. Providing services for the preparation of goods for shipment - preparation of paperwork, examinations, etc. Services for the delivery of goods to the consignee.

  6. Services to prepare for the certification of electronic devices, as well as assistance in obtaining certificates both in Russia and abroad.